Gravity Falls (2012–2016)

Gravity Falls (2012-2016). Poster
Gravity Falls (2012-2016). Poster

The plot of the fascinating animated series «Gravity Falls» unfolds around twelve-year-old twins Dipper and Mabel Pines. They had grandiose plans for the summer holidays. But parents send them for all summer to the small town Gravity Falls, located in the woods, where their uncle Stan lives.

Dipper and Mable have to clean up the museum of paranormal phenomena, created for tourists by their unckle. But soon an event takes place, which changes everything radically …

Firefly (2002-2003)

TV show «Firefly» (2002-2003). Poster
TV show «Firefly» (2002-2003). Poster

The show «Firefly» is sci-fi tv series. Small spacecraft is furrows the expanses of space with renegade crew aboard.

Warring factioans and goverment are threaten the space ship called Firefly.

The show was closed but fans are steel waiting for a sequel.

Black Mirror (2011- )

TV show «Black Mirror» (2011- ). Poster
TV show «Black Mirror» (2011-). Poster

The TV show «Black Mirror» is unusual. The series are not connected by either heroes or events, but in each series there is story about how information technology affects people’s relationships.

The name of the series «Black Mirror» is a reference to black screens of gadgets.

The creator of the series compares gadgets with drugs and tries to understand what are the side effects.

How I Met Your Mother (2005–2014)

TV show «How I met your mother». Poster
TV show «How I met your mother». Poster

Ted desided to tell his children the story about how he has met their mom. The story became very long one. So the jorney to the Ted`s past began.

This show is about friends, who are having fun in a bar, falling in love, looking for the job of their life, dreaming and just being friends.

Show is funny and touching. It will not leave you indifferent. You will fall in love with Ted, Marshall, Robin, Barney and Lily.

Porus (2017- )

The TV show «Porus» (2017- ). Poster
The TV show «Porus» (2017- ). Poster

The TV show «Porus» is going to be the most expensive indian show.

It tells about life of the indian warrior, who was participated in the battle for Hydaspa with Great Alexander. Porus becam the King of the Pauravas.

Sex and the City (1998–2004)

TV Show «Sex and the City». Poster

The TV show «Sex and the City» has become a cult for many girls for the years of its existence.

The show tells about the life of four friends: Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, who are so different.

Career, relationships, problems and cares, love and sex… The show «Sex and the City» tells about it. The show received a large number of different prestigious awards, so every woman must watch it  at least once.

Legends of Tomorrow (2016- )

TV show «Legends of Tomorrow». Poster

The TV show «Legends of Tomorrow» tells about the time traveler Rip Hunter, who saw a terrible future awaiting world.

He decided to save people and gathered an unusual team of heroes and villains to face the threat together. If they lose, then not only our planet will perish, but time itself.

To find out whether the team can defeat evil, watch TV show «Legends of Tomorrow».

House M.D. (2004-2012)

TV show «House M.D.». Poster

The TV show «House M.D.» tells about the work of a team of doctors led by sociopath Gregory House.

Dr. Gregory House is an outstanding physician-diagnostician, he almost doesn`t make mistakes, he`s Sherlock Holmes of Medicine. But this is one side of the coin. The other side is the character of Gregory. House considers everyone around as idiots and does not hesitate to tell them directly in the eyes. He is also a manipulator and a sociopath.

In addition to his bad character, he is also a cripple, walking with a cane and being forced to constantly take narcotic painkillers. House’s motto: «Everybody lies».

In each series, House treats one dying patient. Gregory House, along with his assistants: the kind perfectionist Cameron, the calculating cynicist Forman and the Australian handsome Chase, are trying to save people, and even if the patient dies, he dies with a correct diagnos.

Foyle’s War (2002)

TV show «Foyle’s War». Poster

The British detective TV show «The Foyle War» tells about the work of the detective Christophser Foyle in the south of England from 1940 to 1945.

The action of the series takes the viewer to the English city of Hastings and its environs during the Second World War.

Experienced detective Christopher Foyle — investigates the most complex crimes with the help of his assistants – driver Samantha Stewart («Sam») and one-man police sergeant Paul Milner.

The detective constantly has to cross with high-ranking officials in various military intelligence. The show «Foyle’s War» was shot from 2002 to 2015. In total, eight seasons are filmed.

Anna-detective (2016)

Poster. Tv show «Anna-Detective»

The main character of the show «Anna-Detective» unexpectedly discovers an unusual gift, she hears the souls of long-dead people and is able to communicate with them. Thanks to her «sixth sense» Anna becomes a participant in the criminal investigation.

In a small provincial town there is a series of mysterious and terrible crimes. To help local detectives from St. Petersburg comes Detective Jacob Stolman. In the process of investigation, fate reduces the metropolitan detective to an unusual girl. Jacob disregarded Anna, but soon circumstances compel him to listen in the opinion of the girl.

What connects Anna and Jacob — love to solve riddles, or something more? Who is going to be the first to tell about the feelings?