Station for Two (1982)

Poster. The movie «Station for two»

The main characters of the movie «Station for Two» — station barmaid Vera (actress Lyudmila Gurchenko) and pianist Platon Ryabinin (actor Oleg Basilashvili) accidentally meet in a cafe at a station in a small town Zapistinsk.

Platon, who is waiting for the court verdict in the car accident case, gets into an unpleasant story, the waitress Vera Nefedova requires Platon to pay lunch, which is why Ryabinin is late for the train.

Further the story is famously twisted — the lover of the Faith, the conductor of another train, takes away Plato’s passport. So Platon remains in Zagodyansk for the next two days, waiting for Andrew, the lover of the Faith, on the way back to bring his passport.

A series of adventures spins the characters. Platon steals all the money, Vera is late for the last bus and they spend the night at the train station in the unhooked car, dining in the restaurant.

At the station Platon tells Vera about his tragedy – his wife, driving a car, knocked a man to death, and he, taking her blame on himself, awaits the verdict of the court.

Plato leaves … Time passes, Platon condemned. Once a woman comes to a colony for a date. Who this woman will turn out to be and how the meeting will take place, you will find out by watching the movie «Station for Two».

Hussar Ballad (1962)

Poster. The movie «The Hussar Ballad»

The movie «The Hussar Ballad» was shot in the genre of historical musical comedy and takes the viewer in 1812, during the war with Napoleon. The main character of the movie is the girl-cornet (actress Larisa Golubkina), who lives in the province. Her main desire is to get into the army in the war against Napoleon.

Shura Azarova, the name of the main character of the movie, is engaged to the hussar lieutenant Dmitryi Rzhevsky (actor Yuryi Yakovlev). Rzhevskyi does not want to marry Shura, but still comes to her house to meet the bride.

Shura appears before Rzhevskyi in various guises – girls and boys, Shura’s nephew, for which she changes into a cornet costume. In this costume, cornet Shura goes to war and ends up in the regiment where Lieutenant Rzhevskyi is.

In the war, Shura shows miracles of courage, for which she receives a reward from Kutuzov himself. Serving in the same regiment with Rzhevskyi, Shura will have enough reasons to fall in love and hate her fiancé. How will end the disguise of Shura, you’ll find out by watching the movie «The Hussar Ballad».

The Diamond Arm (1968)

Poster. The movie «The Diamond Arm»

The main character of the comedy movie «The Diamond Arm» Semyon Gorbunkov (actor Yuri Nikulin) goes to Turkey on a cruise liner Mikhail Svetlov.

On the liner he meets a smuggler Gennadyi Kozodoyev (actor Andrei Mironov), who travels to Turkey to transport gold and jewels in gypsum. But it all went wrong when Semyon accidentally slipped at the agreed place.

Smugglers, hearing the password «damn it», mistakenly roll jewels into Semyon gypsum. So involuntarily Gorbunkov becomes a smuggler, but being an honest Soviet citizen, he tells the captain of the liner about gold and diamonds.

So begins the operation to neutralize the Soviet smugglers. Upon returning home, a gang of swindlers, in addition to Gennadyi, includes two more people – Lyolik (actor Anatolyi Papanov) and «Chief», will try to implement clever plans to remove gypsum from the hand of Semyon Semyonych.

Whether smugglers will be able to remove the plaster and get to the jewels, you will find out by watching the online the movie «The Diamond Arm».

9 days and one morning (2014)

Poster. The movie «9 days and one morning»

The movie «9 days and one morning» is a drama.

A trip to a small Russian town with a charitable action will be a real adventure for the famous Parisian model. This village is the birthplace of Anna, here she lived in an orphanage and from here she was adopted by a French family. Only nine days in her hometown will turn Anna’s life upside down.

To find out what Anna will learn about her real family and how her life will turn over, watch the movie «9 days and one morning».

Pious Martha (1980)

Poster. The movie «Pious Martha»

The movie «Pious Marta» takes the viewer to Spain XVII century. The main characters of the movie are students, Felipe (actor Emmanuel Vitorgan) and Pastrano (actor Nikolai Karachentsov), drop out of the university and come to Madrid.In Madrid, Felipe falls in love with the Martha, who reciprocates with him, but there is one problem – she is already engaged to her father’s friend – the elderly captain Urbina.

Upon learning about the connection between Felipe and Martha, her brother Antonio summons Felipe to a duel and dies from his hand. Marta’s father, Don Gomez (actor Vladislav Strzhelchik) promises to avenge the death of his son.

In order to meet with Felipe Marta begins to help the poor and under this pretext she begins to meet with Felipe.