Metropolis (1927)

The movie «Metropolis» (1927). Poster
The movie «Metropolis» (1927). Poster

The movie «Metropolis» is a dumb sci-fi anti-utopia. The movie is recognized as one of the greatest works in the history of silent movies. The phrase «The mediator between the head and the hands should be the heart» starts the movie.

The Metropolis city is divided into heaven and hell. In the hell there live workers who help mashines in factories, but in paradise live carefree rich people. Once a girl from the hell, Maria, brings the children of workers upstairs to show what kind of life can be. Guard leads her away. The son of the mayor of Metropolis sees her and falls in love. He goes in search of her to the hell and first time in his life he sees how cruel and tough lafe can be.

Sex and the City (1998–2004)

TV Show «Sex and the City». Poster

The TV show «Sex and the City» has become a cult for many girls for the years of its existence.

The show tells about the life of four friends: Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, who are so different.

Career, relationships, problems and cares, love and sex… The show «Sex and the City» tells about it. The show received a large number of different prestigious awards, so every woman must watch it  at least once.

Legends of Tomorrow (2016- )

TV show «Legends of Tomorrow». Poster

The TV show «Legends of Tomorrow» tells about the time traveler Rip Hunter, who saw a terrible future awaiting world.

He decided to save people and gathered an unusual team of heroes and villains to face the threat together. If they lose, then not only our planet will perish, but time itself.

To find out whether the team can defeat evil, watch TV show «Legends of Tomorrow».

500 MPH Storm (2013)

The movie «500 MPH Storm». Poster

The movie «500 MPH Storm» takes the viewer to the big American city of our days. In a secret laboratory an experiment is being conducted, but something is wrong, and a deadly tornado is approaching the city, threatening to destroy the entire city from the face of the Earth.

The main character of the movie will challenge the nature and try to save his family.

What will end the confrontation of a simple teacher and a hurricane, you’ll find out by watching the movie «500 MPH Storm».

I, Robot (2004)

The movie «I, robot». Poster

In the movie «I, robot» the action takes place in the near future (2035), where robots have long become habitual human assistants.

Will Smith is a policeman who «does not digest» the robots, is investigating the murder case, in which the robot is involved. If it turns out that robots can violate the main law on robots (not to harm people), then the world will be on the brink of the abyss.

How events will develop and the main character will save the world, you can find out by watching the movie «I, robot».

House M.D. (2004-2012)

TV show «House M.D.». Poster

The TV show «House M.D.» tells about the work of a team of doctors led by sociopath Gregory House.

Dr. Gregory House is an outstanding physician-diagnostician, he almost doesn`t make mistakes, he`s Sherlock Holmes of Medicine. But this is one side of the coin. The other side is the character of Gregory. House considers everyone around as idiots and does not hesitate to tell them directly in the eyes. He is also a manipulator and a sociopath.

In addition to his bad character, he is also a cripple, walking with a cane and being forced to constantly take narcotic painkillers. House’s motto: «Everybody lies».

In each series, House treats one dying patient. Gregory House, along with his assistants: the kind perfectionist Cameron, the calculating cynicist Forman and the Australian handsome Chase, are trying to save people, and even if the patient dies, he dies with a correct diagnos.

Foyle’s War (2002)

TV show «Foyle’s War». Poster

The British detective TV show «The Foyle War» tells about the work of the detective Christophser Foyle in the south of England from 1940 to 1945.

The action of the series takes the viewer to the English city of Hastings and its environs during the Second World War.

Experienced detective Christopher Foyle — investigates the most complex crimes with the help of his assistants – driver Samantha Stewart («Sam») and one-man police sergeant Paul Milner.

The detective constantly has to cross with high-ranking officials in various military intelligence. The show «Foyle’s War» was shot from 2002 to 2015. In total, eight seasons are filmed.

Station for Two (1982)

Poster. The movie «Station for two»

The main characters of the movie «Station for Two» — station barmaid Vera (actress Lyudmila Gurchenko) and pianist Platon Ryabinin (actor Oleg Basilashvili) accidentally meet in a cafe at a station in a small town Zapistinsk.

Platon, who is waiting for the court verdict in the car accident case, gets into an unpleasant story, the waitress Vera Nefedova requires Platon to pay lunch, which is why Ryabinin is late for the train.

Further the story is famously twisted — the lover of the Faith, the conductor of another train, takes away Plato’s passport. So Platon remains in Zagodyansk for the next two days, waiting for Andrew, the lover of the Faith, on the way back to bring his passport.

A series of adventures spins the characters. Platon steals all the money, Vera is late for the last bus and they spend the night at the train station in the unhooked car, dining in the restaurant.

At the station Platon tells Vera about his tragedy – his wife, driving a car, knocked a man to death, and he, taking her blame on himself, awaits the verdict of the court.

Plato leaves … Time passes, Platon condemned. Once a woman comes to a colony for a date. Who this woman will turn out to be and how the meeting will take place, you will find out by watching the movie «Station for Two».

John Wick (2014)

Poster. The movie «John Wick»

Filmed in 2014, the first movie «John Wick» tells of the fate of the hired killer unsuccessfully tried to retire.

Pleased with life, the main character of the movie – hired killer John Wick (actor Keanu Reeves) has everything – a successful job, he kills for money, his wife’s beloved wife Helen (actress Brigitte Moynahan), home, wealth.

But one day everything changes in his life — his beloved wife dies of illness, but before death gives him a puppy. John Wick falls into depression and leaves the business. He and his puppy aimlessly for days on end rides in his favorite car around the city.

This happens until one day his car looks at the son of the head of the Russian mafia, Joseph Tarasov (actor Alfie Allen). On the offer to sell the car, John responds with a refusal and the bandits find nothing better than how to get into John’s house at night, beat him, kill the puppy’s wife and steal John’s favorite car that he likes.

John is eager to avenge the killing of the puppy and return the car. The head of the Russian mafia, Joseph’s father, Viggo Tarasov (actor Mikael Nyquist), to protect his son, sends John’s trail on the trail, but all of them are waiting for death at the hands of professional John Wick.

The war between the Russian mafia and the lone killer flares up with renewed vigor. Who will win this war, you will learn by watching the movie «John Wick».

Gladiator (2000)

Poster. The movie «Gladiator»

The main character of the movie «Gladiator» – the general of the Roman Empire Maximus (actor Russell Crowe).

The Combat General Maximus is the closest associate of the Emperor of Rome, Marcus Aurelius, who sees Maximus as the future emperor.

But the son of Mark Aurelius Komod disagrees with the question. He orders to kill Maximus. Maximus miraculously escapes death, he falls into slavery and becomes a gladiator. Combat skills and strength of spirit allow Maximus to rise to the top of gladiatorial battles.

And one day, to entertain the Roman people, Chest, who by that time became the emperor of Rome, decides to revive gladiatorial fights in Rome.

By the will of destinies in the arena one-on-one will be Maximus and Komod. Who is destined to stay alive, you will find out by watching the online movie «Gladiator».