American Horror Story poster

American Horror Story poster

American Horror Story (2011)

USA | 2011 | 60 min | drama, horror, thriller

Release date:

2011 г.



1 h 00 min


Director(s) of American Horror Story:

Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy


Cast of American Horror Story:

Sarah Paulson, Cheyenne Jackson, Angela Bassett, Evan Peters, Jessica Lange, Kathy Bates, Frances Conroy, Lily Rabe


Movie description of American Horror Story:

The «American Horror Story» is an American horror TV show. Described as a series-anthology, each season is conceived as an independent mini-series, based on different sets of characters and locations, as well as with its own storyline.

American Horror Story - Season 7 - Cult


The first season, later called the Killer House, takes place in Los Angeles, California, during 2011 and focuses on the family moving into a new home inhabited by its former deceased residents. The second season, subtitled as a mental hospital, unfolds in Massachusetts in 1964 and tells about patients and staff of the institution for mentally ill criminals. The third season of the Sabbath is held in New Orleans, Louisiana, during 2013 and tells about the Sabbath of witches, opposing those who want to destroy them.

American Horror Story - Season 7 - Cult


The fourth season, Freak Show, takes place in Jupiter, Fla., In 1952 and centers around one of the few remaining American freak shows. The fifth season, under the title Hotel, is held in Los Angeles in 2015 and focuses on the staff and guests of the supernatural hotel. The sixth season of Roanoke takes place on the island of the same name in 2016 and focuses on the paranormal phenomena occurring in an isolated farmhouse.

American Horror Story - Season 7 - Cult


The seventh season, called Cult, takes place in Michigan and is centered around a cult terrorizing a suburb following the aftermath of the 2016 US elections.

Trailer American Horror Story (2011)


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