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Logan poster

Logan (2017)

USA | 2017 | 137 min | drama, sci-fi, thriller, action


IMDb 8.1


Release date:

2017 г.



2 h 17 min


Director(s) of Logan:

James Mangold


Cast of Logan:

Reynaldo Gallegos, Eriq La Salle, Richard E. Grant, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Elise Neal, Krzysztof Soszynski


Movie description of Logan:

The «Logan»`s events take place in 2029. Regeneration of ex-x-man Logan (Hugh Jackman) almost doesn`t work. He works as a limo driver and takes care of Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) who is suffering from brain disease. Logan is trying to raise enough money for buying a yacht and sailing in the ocean with Charles, because he has telepathic attacks that are dangerous to others.

Caliban (Stephen Merchant) a mutant who has the power to track mutants helped Logan to take care of Charles. He has not felt anyone for a long time, because the mutants have almost disappeared.

Gabriela (Elizabeth Rodriguez), a former employee of the corporation Transigen, finds Wolverine and asks him to escort the 11-year-old mutant Laura (Dafne Keen) to a place called Eden, where, according to her, the mutants are hiding.

Logan reluctantly agrees, but finds a woman killed by former employers. Security chief Donald Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) discovers Logan and Xavier's secret shelter. They capture Caliban, forcing them to point the way to the fugitives.

The heroes watch the video on Gabriela's phone. She says that Transigen has cloned children from the mutant DNA to raise killer soldiers. They could not control the children-mutants and decided to kill them. The nurses saved some of the children, helped them escape and cross the border into the United States. Logan learns that Laura is his "daughter", a female clone, grown from his genetic material and possessing the same adamantium claws.

Logan finds Laura’s X-Men comics and realizes that Gabriela found out about Eden from these comics. He refuses to carry Laura for the sake of fantasy. While Wolverine is changing the car, a team of Pierce’s cyborg soldiers attacks the hotel, but Xavier telepathically paralyzes all the people in the hotel with another bout of illness, adapting to such Wolverine kills the attackers, and the heroes manage to leave the hotel and the city.

On the way, they help a family of farmers who give refuge to fugitives. At night, Logan leaves with the owner of the house to fix the water pipe and, while he is not at home, Xavier wakes up and admits that he remembered - a year ago it was because of his attack of illness that the X-Men died. But it turns out that he was not listened to by Wolverine, but by his clone, Project X-24, which Dr. Zander Rice (Richard E. Grant), the head of the project, brought. The clone wounds Xavier, kills the entire family of farmers, and kidnaps Laura. Logan pulls the wounded Charles out of the house, but his wound is fatal: the professor dies. Wolverine falls into a rage enters into battle with the X-24. At this time, Caliban undermines the van in the hope of killing Pierce, sacrificing himself. Being stronger and furious, the X-24 gains the upper hand in the fight. The father of a family of farmers knocks down an X-24 by car and finishes it with a shotgun. After that, he tries to shoot Logan, but the ammunition ends, and the man drops dead, and Logan and Laura escape.

After the burial of Xavier, Laura speaks for the first time and forces Wolverine to deliver her to this Eden. On the way, the forces leave Logan, but Laura herself gets behind the wheel and takes them to the place where all the surviving mutant children, headed by Riktor (Jason Genao), have gathered. Logan refuses the money offered to him. While Logan is asleep, the children for the joke cut his beard, mustache and sideburns.

Wolverine wants to leave the children, but discovers that those pursue Reavers. Logan takes the experimental serum left by the children to him, which increases his abilities, and with a newly enhanced regeneration, he overtakes a detachment of soldiers and, together with Laura, kills them, saving the children. The action of the serum ends, and Dr. Zander, who turns out to be the son of the man who gave the adamantine skeleton to Wolverine, reveals that he is responsible for the disappearance of mutants (he developed a special gene that weakens the ability of the mutants introduced into the food), and persuades Wolverine to surrender, but he shoots to his neck with a pistol.

Pierce launches X-24, Wolverine and Laura fight him while other mutant children kill Pierce. Rictor lifts a huge truck up and brings it down on the clones, but it turns out to be incredibly strong and raises the truck, after which he thrusts his claws into Logan and drags him backwards. While the children are running further, Laura runs to the aid of Wolverine, but X-24 mortally wounds Logan, having planted him on a lying tree. Clone kills Laura, firing an adamantine bullet that Wolverine has kept for years in case he decides to commit suicide. He also mentioned that he left it in memory of the fact that he was poisoning him from the inside, not allowing him to regenerate. Before he dies, Logan manages to share his fatherly feelings with Laura and urge the girl not to be a weapon and not be the killer he was.

At the funeral, Laura quotes words from Xavier's favorite film «Shane»,

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