The Ghost Writer poster

The Ghost Writer poster

The Ghost Writer (2010)

UK, Germany, France | 2010 | 128 min | thriller, drama


IMDb 7.2


Release date:

2010 г.



2 h 08 min


Director(s) of The Ghost Writer:

Roman Polanski


Cast of The Ghost Writer:

Anna Botting, Tim Faraday, Timothy Hutton, James Belushi, Tim Preece, Jon Bernthal, Ewan McGregor, Milton Welsh, Alister Mazzotti, Kate Copeland, Olivia Williams, Pierce Brosnan, Kim Cattrall


Movie description of The Ghost Writer:

The main character of «The Ghost Writer» has no name. Nothing is known about his past. He is a bachelor from London, earns a living by writing memoirs for celebrities. His predecessor drowned off the coast of Martas-Vinyard, the favorite American political elite of the island of New England, where Lang (Pierce Brosnan) lives in seclusion with his wife and secretary.

«Ghost» (Ewan McGregor) gets to the ultramodern dwelling of the ex-premier with glass walls and cold-abstract design. He finds out that relations between the ex-prime minister and his wife (Olivia Williams) are cold and that politician is cheating on her with his secretary (Kim Cattrall).

The arrival of the «Ghost» on the island coincides with the beginning of the political scandal. The former foreign minister (Robert Pugh) accused Lang of illegally transferring the defendants in terrorism to the hands of the CIA, where they were subjected to inhuman torture.

The island is filled with a crowd of protesters and reporters. To hush up the scandal, Lang with the secretary is urgently sent to Washington. The writer remains alone with the intelligent and energetic wife of ex-prime minister, Ruth, who inclines him to intimate contact.

The manuscript of memoirs, with which one has to work «Ghost», is full of old-fashioned passages. He is trying to revive the text. First of all, the «Ghost» tries to answer the question, what at the time pushed the reckless Cambridge student, a member of the university drama circle, into the political path.

The answers Lang himself suggests to him are obviously far from reality. The key to unraveling the question is given by materials stashed in his room by his late predecessor. «Ghost» understands that it was he who divulged secret materials about the prime minister's cooperation with the CIA and paid for it with life...

As a result of the improvised investigation, the following picture opens before the «Ghost»: in the 1970s, the CIA, through Ruth, enlisted in the agents of Adam Lang, a brainless student actor, who became a glamor, a front man, called to carry out the orders of the State Department, White home and the CIA. The link between the CIA and the premier was his wife, Ruth.

The secret information was encrypted by the previous ghost writer in those words from which the pages of his manuscript begin. As the «Ghost» learns more and more, clouds grow over it and it becomes more and more likely that he will share the fate of his predecessor...

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The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer

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