The Mummy poster

The Mummy poster

The Mummy (1999)

USA | 1999 | 124 min | action, fantasy, adventure

Release date:

1999 г.



2 h 04 min


Director(s) of The Mummy:

Stephen Sommers


Cast of The Mummy:

Arnold Vosloo, John Hannah, Jonathan Hyde, Oded Fehr, Erick Avari, Stephen Dunham, Brendan Fraser, Corey Johnson, Tuc Watkins, Omid Djalili, Patricia Velásquez, Bernard Fox, Aharon Ipalé, Rachel Weisz


Movie description of The Mummy:

The history of the movie «The Mummy» begins in the XIII century BC. Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo), the high priest of Egypt, falls in love with a Pharaoh's Anck-su-Namun (Patricia Velasquez) and Imhotep risk their lives, continuing their love affair. Despite the caution, Pharaoh (Aharon Ipale) finds out about the treason and dies at the hands of lovers. Realizing that they will not escape punishment, Ankh-su-namun kills himself and asks his beloved to resurrect her.

The priest abducts her body after the funeral and takes him to Hamunaptra, the city of the dead. The guard of the Pharaoh overtakes the traitor and prevents him from completing the ritual. As punishment for betrayal, Imhotep is sentenced to mummification alive, closing in a sarcophagus with carnivorous scarabs and imposing on him a terrible curse that makes him immortal and to the end of time experiencing agony. They bury him in secrecy, leaving behind the protection of the Medjai, the descendants of the guard of the Pharaohs, for if someone releases Imhotep to freedom, he will doom the whole earth to death and destruction.

In 1923, Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser), captain of the French Foreign Legion, travels to Hamunaptra with the legion in search of treasure. They are attacked by a group of Arabs. Rick retreats into a city surrounded by enemies, but suddenly the Arabs escape, and the sand around him starts to heave in the form of a face. He runs away while the Medjai watches him.

Three years later, Evelyn (Rachel Weisz), a librarian from Cairo, receives from her brother Jonathan (John Hannah) a casket in which she discovers a map. They learn that the map points the way to Hamunaptra. Jonathan says that he stole it from Rick, who is in prison waiting for execution. Wanting to unravel the mystery of the ancient city, Evie rescues Rick from death, and he in return must take her to the city. They go on an expedition, but on the way they discover that they have rivals — American treasure hunters, led by a cowardly Legionnaire Beni (Kevin J. O'Connor) from the former Rick squad.

When both groups come into the city, they are attacked by the Medjais and warned that there is an evil hidden here. But researchers continue to dig. Evie discovers the remains of Imhotep, despite her protest, the Americans is opening a sarcophagus. They find the Book of the Dead along with the canopies in which the preserved organs of Anck-su-Namun are. Each of the Americans takes himself for a vessel as a reward.

At the night Evelyn steals the Book of the Dead and reads one of the pages aloud, inadvertently prompting Imhotep. Researchers are returning to Cairo. The mummy hunts the Americans who opened the sarcophagus, gradually regenerating with each killed and provoking the Ten Executions of Egypt. The mummy finds Beni, he prays to all known gods and pronounces a prayer in Hebrew. Since the Jews in Ancient Egypt were slaves, Imhotep makes him his servant. Beni helps the mummy to find stolen vessels.

Evelyn comes to the conclusion that, since the Book of the Dead gave life to Imhotep, the Book of Amun-Ra can take it away. Since the Book of the Dead was discovered under the statue of the god of the kingdom of the dead Anubis, the Book of Amon-Ra must be under the statue of the god of light Horus.

Imhotep finds Evelyn and takes her prisoner, wishing to sacrifice her for the resurrection of his beloved Anck-su-Namun. They return to Hamunaptura. Rick and Jonathan follow them and free Evelyn, defeating Imhotep's mummies. Evelyn reads the Book of Amon-Ra out loud and deprives Imhotep of immortality, and Rick fatally hits him in the stomach and pushes him into the River of Death. Imhotep promises to take vengeance cruelly and says «Death is only the beginning».

Leaving the temple, Beni finds a lot of gold, but activates the ancient trap and becomes a victim of hordes of carnivorous scarabs. Heroes flee from the demolishing Hamunaptra. After them comes the Medjai Ardeth Bey (Oded Fehr) and says that for their victory over Imhotep, they have earned the gratitude and respect of the Medjais. Jonathan complains that they are going home empty-handed. But Rick and Evie do not think so, because they found each other. The heroes leave on camels to meet the sunset, not knowing that while they were saving the girl, Beni tucked bags on camels with the treasures of the destroyed Hamunaptra.

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